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Sync All Your Kodi Devices With Jellyfin

Running Kodi on different platforms is getting easier and more accessible. Jumping from your tablet to your TV and finding where you left off can be annoying and time-consuming. There are many ways to sync your devices together, but I find Jellyfin cleans this process up very well.

Jellyfin works on as many platforms as Kodi and can help streamline your devices easily. The free media system is an alternative to Emby and Plex and provides a dedicated service server whichever method you choose.

For Jellyfin to work, you will need a dedicated server that’s running at all times, then adding the client apps or addons on each device you would like synced.

Interested in how Jellyfin match up against competitors? Here’s a post we did comparing similar systems.

Ready to install? Click here to see the step by step installation guide. We also have a step by step configuration guide here to follow up the install.

You can download all the software for free from

Jellyfin community and various builds can be found on their site.