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Quick Configuration Steps for Jellyfin on Windows (Updated February 2020)

Part 2

This section guide will walk you through the quick setup after you have installed the server application. If you have not installed the software, click here to follow the installation steps.

Rather watch a video of the installation, jump to it here.

Let’s begin!

We first start with a standard introduction wizard, with English (US) selected as default. If English is not your preferred language you can change it here. Click on ‘Next’

Now we’ll add some user information with a name and a password. We suggest using a 8 digit alpha numeric password to keep things secure. Click ‘Next’.

On this screen we will start point to the folder with media we’d like to share and user. Click on the ‘+’

The select a category you’d like to use.
Please note, multiple categories can be selected. We are just using one as a demonstration.

Here you can change or customize the display name and other preferences. You can leave all settings as default and scroll down.

By default metadate will be grab from TheMovieDb and The Open Movie Database. Both are excellent databases to use. Next you can click on the ‘Ok’ button.

You will see your selected folder and folder type now integrated as a source for the application. As mentioned above, you can add additional sources and categories. That can be done by clicking on the ‘+’.
To proceed, click ‘Next;

We can leave this page with default settings. Click ‘Next.

Jellyfin is typically used with multiple devices on a network. We will leave both remote access option selected. Click ‘Next’.

This now brings us to the end of the configuration for the Jellyfin server. Click on finish and you’re all done.

Any time you want to access or view the settings of the Jellyfin server, open up a browser on any pc, and type the IP of that computer and the default port of 8096. (ie 192.168.1.XX:8096) If you are on the same computer which its installed you can type http://localhost:8096/ in your browser.

This will bring you to the login page where you can enter the username and password you created at the beginning.