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Media Companion

This amazing tool was started by Billyad2000 and is now ran by many developers in the open source community. This tool is only available for Windows. We think that Media Companion is hands down the best media scraper around gathering everything from fanart, logos, backdrops, trailers and much more.

This is the app homepage. Download link here. For the lastest version check their download check here.


  • Auto-Scrape Clear-Art, logo’s etc from Fanart.TV
  • Auto-Scrape MovieSet artwork – Note: New movie sets must be renamed, or a Central MovieSet Artwork folder selected.
  • Select MovieSet artwork on the Fanart.Tv tab
  • Scrape Bluray movies stored in Bluray folder structure
  • Rename Folder and/or Movie
  • Support of <tag> for all your movies
  • Allows Alternative movie Versions
  • Scrape movie information from IMDB using the inbuilt scraper
  • Scrape Movie information using XBMC’s theMovieDb scraper
  • Save artwork in Dharma/Eden, Frodo or Both format – Default format is now Frodo. Fully compatible with Gotham and Helix
  • Download movie posters from any of IMDB, TMdb, IMPA, and MPDB.
  • Download movie backdrops from TMdb.
  • Download movie trailers from IMDB.
  • View and edit all obtained data.
  • Include ‘ExtraThumbs’ (For skins that support this function, Movies need to be in individual folders)
  • Media info icons overlay fanart
  • Search and browse movies using a selection of filters and searches.
  • Export to HTML movie details & artwork, with customizable templates.