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Keep all your media content up to date with ViMediaManager. This tool will store and manage information, extra art, trailers and refine for your movie, television and anime collections.

This is the app homepage. Download link here. For the latest version check their download check here.


  • Manage your movie, television and anime collections.
  • Download media metadata from,,, and in your language*.  
  • Get trailers, posters, fanart, banners, clearart, character art, disc art, logo’s, thumbnails, extra thumbs, extra fanart, trailers & theme songs for your movies and series from the aforementioned sources,,, and
  • Create or update NFO metadata files. NFO metadata can be edited within the application and the file is saved with the media.
  • Extra art chooser for downloading and choosing images to use for posters, backdrops, etc.
  • Extra media chooser for downloading trailers and television tunes.
  • Shows television and anime airing status, and next episode air date information thanks to
  • A feature-rich episodes manager that displays all known television and anime episodes, allowing you to keep track of which episodes you’ve already watched, and to edit and save NFO metadata with the episode files.
  • Set manager for creating and editing movie sets/collections.
  • Automatically rename files and folders according to highly customizable preferences.
  • Keep your collections clean and organized.