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Step by Step Installation of Kodi on Windows 10 (February 2020)

If you are looking for a straight-forward guide to installing Kodi on a Windows 10 PC, then you’re at the right place. We’ve put together the easy to follow steps with screenshots to help you along in the process. Most people have Kodi installed on TVs and other streaming boxes, however, there are a few that like to have it when traveling or take advantage of the ability to have it running with a multi-screen setup.
Regardless of your reason, let us begin.

First, download the latest version from the official Kodi website
Direct download for Kodi v18.5 “Leia” can be found HERE

If your Windows security settings are in default mode, you will immediately see a ‘User Account Control’ pop up. This will allow the installation to launch, its safe to click ‘YES’

Now we can being the setup steps.

At the Welcome screen, you can start by clicking on Next
Here we have the License Agreement, most of this is pretty straight-forward. Click on ‘Next’
In this component window, you want to select ‘ Microsoft Visual C++ package’. This will install any missing components that required for the installation of Kodi. Click ‘Next’.
Unless you have a reason to install this somewhere else on your PC, the default folder is perfect. Click ‘Next’
Again, Unless you have a reason to call it something else, use the default name and click on ‘Next’
Installation has now begun. The application will now unpack all necessary files for Kodi to run. Typically this takes about 2-5mins.
Once all files are unpacked, you’re done! You can click ‘Finish’, to close off and exit the setup.
At anytime you need to launch Kodi you can simply find the application in your start menu.