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Music Video Downloader

The Music Video Downloader app was created to download music videos in bulk. It was created by KiwiJunglist over at Team Media Portal, and is quite useful if you want to grab a huge batch of music videos.

This is the app homepage: Here is the direct download link.

Installation Steps

  • Download and extract all files from zip
  • Execute ‘MVD.exe’
  • Enter name of the download folder
  • Add additional folders if needed

Enable, by checking, Monitor Clipboard. Right click a video link in youtube and click copy link If everything is working correctly you can now bulk download lots of videos.

  • Click Bulk Downloads
  • Click Add Top Artists from Library. Choose 100 Artists.
  • Enter details, Click Start Wait a few minutes, Review selection, Rename/Delete items.
  • Click Finished.
  • Click “View Download List”, this will show a list of videos
  • To add more videos select “Bulk Downloads”