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These Shows Were Just Cancelled (March 2020)

Yesterday a string of shows cancellations were announced. Sadly they didn’t get picked up because of either ratings or viewership. Thanks to subscription services like Netflix, you might still get a chance to get caught up. On the plus side, when shows end, they make room in studio budgets for something new and exciting.

With all the competitors in the streaming market presently, content creation has to be more engaging and specific. We think, in the end, the consumer will win, so maybe take that as the silver lining. With that said, here is the list of networks and associated shows.

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  • Criminal Minds, 15 seasons

  • Strike Back, 8 seasons

  • Arrow, 8 seasons

  • Sorry for Your Loss, 2 seasons
  • Limetown, 1 season

  • Almost Family, 1 season

  • Vikings, 6 seasons

  • Lucifer, 2 seasons on Netflix (5 total)**Renewed for a fifth and final season in June 2019
  • Bojack Horseman, 6 seasons
  • Dear White People, 4 seasons
  • Soundtrack, 1 season
  • Spinning Out, 1 season
  • Insatiable, 2 seasons

  • Ambitions, 1 season
  • If Loving You Is Wrong, 5 seasons

  • Schitt’s Creek, 6 seasons


  • Homeland, 8 seasons
  • Ray Donovan, 7 seasons

  • The Rook, 1 season

  • The Magicians, 5 seasons

  • Claws, 4 seasons

Source: TV insider