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Finally an add-on for Disney Plus as been released. Big thanks to Matt Huisman, for putting in the effort for the community. You will need an active Disney Plus account for this to work, as it seamlessly fits itself into the Kodi environment. Also required for this installation is a DRM management tool also created by Matt, Widevine Support . Below we have a link to Matt’s website and links for the latest download.

Creator Credit: Matt Huisman
Direct download: N/A
Install the SlyGuy Kodi Add-on Repository.


  • Unofficial 3rd Party Kodi Add-on for Disney+
  • Watch and Search All Content
  • Supports profiles (select / add / delete)
  • Kid lockout mode to stop kid profiles from changing profiles
  • Multiple Language 2.0 and 5.1 Audio Streams
  • Skip Intros (global setting or via context menu)
  • Watchlist Support (add / remove via context menu)
  • Continue Watching Support (via context menu)
  • Quality up-to 1280×720 @ 23.98fps (All Devices)
  • Quality up-to 3840×2160 @ 23.98fps (Android L1 Devices Only)