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Best Way To Bypass Mega Download Limits (2021)

Downloading files will have its limits with several of the free online cloud services like Google Drive and Mega. In this post, we are going to show you the way to bypass Mega transfer download limits. Many cloud services have download limits, and this is a common issue with any host.

Google halts transfers that exceed their limits. If you have similar problems with Google Drive, this is a great post to get around those transfer limitations.

Mega quietly began as a preferred method for power users who share files on the web. It grew because of the quality of service and with a focus on privacy and access control. Within a decade, they switched things around and stepped up to encrypted client-side using the AES algorithmic rule.

With this implemented, Mega doesn’t have the keys to uploaded files, and staff members can’t peek, read, write or edit any of the files uploaded. With this level of security, Mega has become the go-to provider for numerous users. They are the best to offer users a safe and straightforward to distribute files online.

To be fair, the paid services that Mega offers are fairly cheap and offer a higher level of security and anonymity than others. They are the trailblazers in the industry, they stand up for user rights. Even entry level Pro Lite service is completely worth it, as it comes with 400gb of storage, and access to private chat, and video calling.

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To transfer and bypass Mega download limits, you’ll want a couple of tools at hand. First, you are going to need some kind of download manager. Basically, any app can do the job, but we’re going use XDM (Xtreme Download Manager) in this article.

XDM is an excellent open-source app and you can grab a copy on GitHub or click on the link below. The second tool we are going to want is Mega Downloader and specifically version 1.8. We need this exact version because of its ability to convert the a Mega URL to a Streaming URL. This is a crucial step to bypass Mega download limits, and for this method to work.

Now you can get this version almost anywhere online, but you gotta be careful with the sources you are downloading from. Many copies have malware or Trojans embedded within the file. We are using copies supplied by because they are well known to share trusted files.

Required files to download:
Xtreme Download Manager
Mega Downloader (version 1.8)

Bypass Mega Download Limits step by step

  1. Locate the URL for the Mega the file you want to download. Select and copy the link.

2. Open up the Mega Downloader 1.8 (if haven’t downloaded it, you need to now) navigate to the Options, and select Configuration.

3. In the Configuration window, select the Streaming tab and below ensure that the option ‘Use streaming server‘ is checked. Then click on Save, and the window will close.

4. main window of Mega Downloader, go to the Streaming menu, and select ‘Watch online‘.

5. PASTE the address of the file into the ‘MEGA URL Link‘. Below it will automatically generate a ‘Streaming URL link’. SELECT the Streaming URL link and copy it.

6. Launch Xtreme Download Manager. In the File menu and select the ‘Add URL’ option.

7. XDM should automatically paste the address we copied into the Address field. However, if it doesn’t, you can click on the field and manually paste it in.

Once the address is in, click on DOWNLOAD NOW! Your file will start to download, and you have just bypass Mega download limit.

Do you prefer a visual guide to walk you through the steps? Here’s a youtube video that goes over each step.